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Online Protocol for the International MTLHC: Most Talented Leader Hospitality Challenge

In order to maintain respect and fairness during the competition, specific rules have been established that all participants and committee members must adhere to. The rules are designed to ensure that the competition runs smoothly, that the presentations can be made with ease, and that the learning experience will be of maximum benefit to all.

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See Montreal with Marianne!

Marianne will bring you into Montreal to show you a few of her favorite spots!

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Meet the team from EHTL!

This is the Striving Red Lions team!

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The honorable Liza Frulla welcomes you to MTLHC!

Here is a personalized speech to start the competition!

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Meet the team from IUBH!

This is the Baobab team from IUBH Germany!

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MTLHC - Welcoming Presentation with Xavier

Xavier presents the MTLHC first edition

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ÉPIK Collection Group presented by our judges Olena and Daniel who also have advices for our participants!

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Présentation de la compétition MTLHC avec Sabrina

Sabrina vous présente la première édition de la compétition MTLHC !

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Teaser of MTLHC

Teaser of the first edition of MTLHC competition for students

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