Prologue AI is a digital studio made up of award-winning artisans at Clios®, CannesLions® and AIXprize®, creating unparalleled entertainment experiences.
You have certainly already walked in a destination having the feeling to miss its most beautiful stories, its atypical characters and its local products. Imagine having access to the right story at the right time, to increase the way you experience the world around you.
Prologue AI builds VoiceTrip, a recreational tourism entertainment platform that allows destinations to be discovered via hundreds of location-based interactive mini Podcasts. VoiceTrips are multimedia and interactive mini stories that we paint onto walls, pin over concert halls and plant in public space. ComedyTrip, FoodTrip, MusicTrip, CrimeTrip, all VoiceTrip goes to showcase a great destination. VoiceTrip is the platform that reinvents guided tours in an entertaining way.