Online Protocol for the International MTLHC: Most Talented Leader Hospitality Challenge

In order to maintain respect and fairness during the competition, specific rules have been established that all participants and committee members must adhere to. The rules are designed to ensure that the competition runs smoothly, that the presentations can be made with ease, and that the learning experience will be of maximum benefit to all.

While the MTLHC competition is 100% online, the rules of good conduct remain the same as those for face-to-face competitions.

1. Dress code must be in accordance with the context of the competition and academic rules (business attire and proper grooming).

2. Conversation must be respectful to all participants. Inappropriate words and gestures will not be tolerated online or in conversation.

3. The microphone will be activated for the speaker but deactivated for all other participants.

4. To ensure proper online conduct during activities where all participants are involved (including opening and closing ceremonies and workshops), webcams will be turned off for all except those speaking. Webcams will be activated during team video presentations.

5. Participants wishing to speak during activities must indicate their intentions to the event moderator.

6. Chat rooms will be available during breaks for networking purposes and for discussions not related to MTLHC activities in progress.

7. In order to limit disruptions during online sessions, participants must be in quiet locations that limit ambient noise.

8. No delays will be tolerated during team presentations.


Participants who fail to comply with these rules will be excluded from the activity in question. In the event of a repeat offence, the participant or their entire team may be disqualified from the competition, based on the opinion of the organizing committee or members of the jury.


Enjoy the competition!

The MTLHC Organizing Committee